Homes For The Homeless

I am off on another journey to the warmth. Oh, my body is so ready for it. I am excited to be closing in on a new home for myself. I feel it getting closer, and I am one happy girl. The thought of having a home and not just a storage unit is making my little inner girl so very, very happy. She is not doing the dance of joy yet, mind you– she has had way too many disappointments in her life for that. But her foot is definitely tapping and her hips are beginning to wiggle. Insert snaggle-toothed grin here.

And, of course, at the same time, I am very present to all the people in Haiti right now who have lost their homes and many of their loved ones in the Earthquake. This is the dance of duality it is to be alive in the world today it seems. So as I begin to feel the joy of having my own home, I am also saying prayers for all the people in Haiti (and around the world) who do not have shelter, food, water, or other basic necessities.

May we all do everything we can to help those in need. Please. Thank You.



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  1. ive watched you from day one and ..all love and blessings youre the greatest.bravo.

  2. i agree there are big changes in the wind. Hope all for the best. good thoughts for your future. don’t forget to recycle 🙂

  3. Dear Julia,
    So busy in warm places that you cant respond to a letter? My mother says you need to get a life, have 10-15 babies, and settle down. My whole family agrees that right now you arent doing much good to the earth at all, with your jetting off to the ends of the earth. Unless you have a solar computer, your not clean in that department either. If youre so concerned about the people in Haiti, take a BOAT there, and be some good to someone. Julia, come on, do you think Luna wants you to lead the life of a common celebrity? I dont. I used to think you were a special person, but now I dont know. You are meant for more than the red carpet,so realize that, please before it is too late. If 2009 was the year of almost,why was that? You were too busy in Spain, Hawaii, and various other countries to do anything. Make it happen Julia, cause you can. That is what I think of your snaggletoothed grins. Emily

  4. Hi Emily,

    Interesting opinion. i pray you put as much thought and effort into your own life as you do into mine. And i don’t need you to think i am a special person or not a special person. i don’t live my life so that people will like me. i live my life according to what i feel is right. i pray you do the same.


  5. Los ladrillos nos separan de los demás, pero las desgracias nos unen. Tu vida está llena de decepciones y así tu casa no servirá para protegerte de los demás sino al contrario. En Haití, por desgracia, no sólo tienen miedo de los terremotos.

  6. julia, i hope your journey back to the warmth is good. Here in chilly drizzly San Francisco, Friends of the Urban Forest is planning its 1000th tree planting (which will happen February 20). If your travels take you back to the Bay Area around that time we would be happy for you to celebrate the occasion with us. Or if you’re still traveling then, but you come back this way another time, we would love to meet you. Meanwhile we continue our work of helping city dwellers understand why it’s important for us to keep planting and caring for trees here in the city.

    Best wishes,
    Ben (

  7. Hi Julia!
    Keep up the great work and attitude!
    Will you ever tour in Europe?
    I live in Belgium and would absolutely LOVE to meet you in person one day, it seems we share quite a few ideas about our current world!

    Best wishes and a good health!
    Greetings, Dimitri 😉

  8. Hi Dimitri!

    i have toured Europe, but i have never made it to Belgium, even though one of my main ground support team members is from Belgium. Maybe someday!


  9. Parece que esta entrada no ha despertado mucho interés, la gente no valora lo suficiente la importancia de tener un buen techo en donde abrigarse. Tener los pies calentitos es tan importante para una persona como tener raíces fuertes lo es para un árbol, sobretodo en el norte de California…en donde tengo oído que hace un tiempo muy parecido al de Barcelona, es cierto?

  10. I am so happy that you are looking for that home in the sun. I hope it comes for you soon.

  11. Pay little attention to some negative soul sucking comments Julia – you are doing good things, and living a true to self life. Years ago after you wrote Luna I caught a bit of what i thought was you at Antioch College in Yellow Springs Ohio. Powerful words, I was sitting outside, may have been a film of you speaking, when the college was still open and thriving..nevertheless, I went straight to the library and got your book. Cheers to your life and the joy you spread. A reader from Yellow Springs Ohio _Christina

  12. Hi Christina,

    Thank you for your kind words of support.

  13. hello hello
    My name is Merry Ackema and i am an eleventh grade student in Southern California, and i have fought to conduct my research paper on you! I was collecting my necessary internet sources when i stumbled upon this website. i am just in utter excitement! Im halfway through reading The Legacy of Luna and I absolutely perceive you as such a beautiful person and i greatly admire everything you have done 🙂

  14. Glad that “almost” of 2009 is becoming a reality in 2010. I will be (a little) warmer in NY knowing you are warmer wherever you are. And don’t regret about the Copenhagen meeting having been a failure — it wasn’t. The people of the global south stood up to the global north and declared that a 2-degree (or more) rise in global warming would be death for them. Yes, we need an agreement soon, but it shouldn’t be an inadequate agreement (worse than Kyoto). We citizens of the world now have time to mobilize before the next meeting to get the *real* agreement we need. I’m taking your advice and thinking positively.

    Take care. Keep warm. Find that partner you dream of.

  15. Hi Julia,
    I heard you speak at IIN a few years back. I never knew of you when you were in the tree. You are a beautiful honest person. Thank you for that! My current spiritual teacher recently answered a questions about manifestation. He said that we should ask “God” to give us our allotted portion-nothing more, nothing less.
    I wish you well as you receive yours.

  16. Hi Julia:

    I hope the warm weather here in JA is doing you some good. I met u at Great Huts a couple weeks ago and again at the Intl. Women’s Day tea party on Monday.

    I read your story for the 1st time in 2007, and find such great inspiration in your work. Wanted to say thanks for your example.

    See you around town:-)

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