Blessings Come From All Directions

Ah, I am back in the cold, gray, fog land of Northern California. A world of difference from Maui, Hawaii. Being in the warmth and deliciousness that was Maui for me was so healing and rejuvenating on so many levels. I come alive in warm, tropical places. I hibernate in the cold. But here I am. Still living out of a suitcase and a storage unit. Went by the storage unit, dropped off my barely there clothes and picked up my layers of winter clothes. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr………….

I am looking for things to appreciate, and I am finding it everywhere. And, I have to say, that I am really excited to manifest home, home, home on a specific part of this home (namely a tropical part) called Planet Earth spinning in the home known as the Cosmos. I am so ready to live somewhere where the trees on the land I am stewarding produce avocados, bananas, mangos, papayas, coconuts, and other tropical fruits!

The doors to the place I thought I was moving to in Mexico seem to be closing. But I know that when one door closes, another one opens. So, I am looking forward to seeing what door opens up next!

Until then, I will just pile on the layers and think warm, happy, sunshiny thoughts!


PS i did an interview while on Maui with a wonderful activist and journalist. Some of the facts are wrong, but i think the essence is captured. If you would like to check out not only my interview, but his work at large go to:

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  1. welcome back to the chilly west coast =]

  2. Know what you mean, up here in Vermont my toes are freezing, at -10 degrees. Keep smiling, warmenr than luna at least>

  3. GO VEGAN! Welcome home

  4. Julia, I read Legacy of Luna over the holidays and loved it. There is so much great work going on these days in conservation ( and permaculture ( Why not aim for Costa Rica? They get about 90 percent of their energy from renewable sources and are consistently ranked among the happiest people.

  5. I will think warm thoughts for you and your future home

  6. welcome back to reality =)by the way has the forest company kept luna safe zone?

  7. Yes, the recent cold snap made it down to Florida and had to drag out some OLD winter clothes.

    Nice interview in Maui. Glad to hear you got a break from the cold.

  8. The Luna Zone is kept safe and there is a whole new company now that is SO much better than the old one!

  9. cool, great to hear, so often we win the skirmish to lose the war.
    oh and great interveiw /link thx for sharing; I swear they should have let the food growing continue all this time but I bet economy bad even in wallstreet circles these days lol can you say bonus anyone … if not too nosy is that a butterfly tatt? 😉
    good wishes on your “nest” search I often find myself restless before big changes too. i’m glad you returned from the ocean trip. Was a wee bit concerned over recent events/posts hug to your grandad first month was my toughest when everyone stopped staying in touch.

  10. your post made me smile in anticipation of all the new doors which will be opening and closing this year. and then i remembered the door assembly line of monsters inc which made me smile even more 😀

  11. does india qualify? 🙂

  12. i don’t want to live in India, but thanks!! : )

  13. Dear Julia,
    I thought of Helen and Scott Nearing in the context of this post. You may know of them. By 1932 the two of them left New York City and began to build a life on a small parcel of land in Vermont. Their legacy still lives today and is visible at the Harborside Farm in Maine. Here’s the link I find them really inspiring as Scott was able to capture in words and put in books and action what they lived for. As I have read about them, I think they did and stood for much of what you are already doing. I hope maybe some of what you might see on the Harborside Website might be inspiring to you in your further journey. I could see you doing your own version of what they did.

  14. Another wonderful “spiritual community, education centre, ecovillage” is Findhorn

  15. home is where your heart is. seems your heart is Humboldt. 2010 is the year to dig in and gather with your tribe, whoever and wherever that is. sounds like you caught island fever, but you’ll get well soon, and you will find those roots you seek. the tree of life grows and grows. let the gatherings begin infinite peace.

  16. Hey Desert Wolf,

    Humboldt is not my home and the tropics very much are, but thanks for the kind and well-meaning projections. –julia

  17. Hi Julia,
    You don’t have to publish this – I just wanted to recommend a few books to you. The first one is The Wishing Year by N. Oxenhandler. It is a bit of a skeptics guide to the law of attraction – but it is ultimately hopeful – and she too wishes for a partner and home so it may resonate with you on that level as well. Also, I just finished listening to The Astonishing Power of Emotions by J&E Hicks and it said something interesting about contrasts which I thought might be helpful to you: “Life is supposed to feel good. You never came here for the struggle. But you did come forth for the contrast, because the contrast gives birth to the power of the stream…puts what you want in vibrational escrow…causes the expansion of your being…when you go with the flow the contrast becomes less exaggerated.” All things I know that you know, but it can be good to be reminded of them sometimes.
    Lastly – one of my friends visited Earth University in Costa Rica and loved it. Not sure if that’s the sort of community you are looking for…
    Happy Manifesting!

  18. Dear Julia,

    My 10 year old wants to do a tree sit to save a lovely old tree on the corner, just outside the window of our building. He wrote a letter to ask people to write to our mayor, Gregor Robertson. In the postscript of this letter he wrote about how you are one of his heros. So a good friend of our just wrote back and suggested that I send this letter to you. It is in a jpg format. Is there a way to upload it to you? It would be great for him to realize that you have seen it. Please let me know.

    thanks for being you –

  19. Hey Julia,
    I would love to get in contact with you!
    we are young, international and ambitious people working active for social change!
    We are going to the Amazon so bring 2000 young people there to raise awareness!
    Could I get in contact with you?!
    I would love to hear your thoughts!
    We could need some advice and inspiration of an amazing activist like you!!!!!!
    Lots of warm regards and love to you!


  20. Hi Pia Massie!

    The letter can be copied and pasted if it is in type. But it would need to be typed up if it is handwritten as this blog does not have a way to utilize attachments or uploads.

    Thanks so much. Your son sounds like a fantastic young man!



  21. Julia,

    I just saw this morning that you contributed to COSM’s Journal of Visionary Culture. Those guys are great. I have met them several times through the art world here in New York. Will you be allowed to post that essay here as well?

    For those who don’t know Alex Grey’s work:


  22. Hi Evan!

    i am happy to post the essay here, but i am not sure what COSM wants. i love them and was happy to contribute to their fabulous journal.

    julia b

  23. Julia,

    Thanks for the encouragement. My son, Hart is a fantastic guy and his letter requesting that people write the mayor has already generated some lovely e-mails to city hall this morning. I am sorry I can’t send you a JPG of the original handwritten letter. However this is what it said:

    Hello my name is Hart Traveller. I am 10 years old. I live at 1480 Arbutus Street. There is a very beautiful tree on the corner that is a home for many animals such as squirrels and birds. It could possibly be cut down. That would be the second time that a heritage tree has been killed for no reason on this block. This tree is 3 stories tall and very healthy so I do not see why anybody would want to cut it down. If you would like to help me protect this tree, please phone, e-mail or write a letter to the mayor about my home tree as soon as possible.
    P.S. one of my heros is Julia Butterfly Hill who saved a tree by sitting in it for 738 days. My mom says that would be too long for me to miss school.


    Thank you for reading my son’s letter regarding this magnificent old cypress. He was devastated when the companion tree to this one was cut down a few years ago and made a promise that he would protect this one.

    Unfortunately, a cut permit was hastily obtained by the president of our Strata Council – without a proper vote from the building’s owners – so getting the legal department at City Hall to re-consider is the best immediate option we have.

    Gregor Robertson, the mayor of Vancouver, and the council can be reached at:

    Catherine Kinahan is the lawyer from the city’s legal review department:

    Rick Michaels is the Manager of the Landscape Review Department @ City Hall

    Please cc us your e-mails


    Thank you for your time and energy on behalf of the environment!

  24. ok it looks like you are not allowed to leave e-mails in this comment section.
    sorry about that. if there is interest in writing to our city officials here in Vancouver Canada, their e-mail addresses are their names: first DOT last AT vancouver DOT ca (for Canada) and city hall is at 453 West 12th St. if you are the old fashioned letter writing type.


  25. Interesting the difference, as I come alive in cold, moist, and overcast areas, like western Oregon or northern California.

    Managed to catch the tail end of rain and wind about two weeks ago, including some time at the Womens Federation Grove: Rockefeller Forest. It was an awesome day, even recovering from the flu. There were ponds with reflections where none exist in summer, and the water drops were almost musical, unlike what I’ve heard in forests before: even among many redwoods in winter.


    M. D. Vaden

  26. nice tattoo…what is it?

  27. Hi Ginger! It’s a butterfly. love, julia

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