Homes For The Homeless

I am off on another journey to the warmth. Oh, my body is so ready for it. I am excited to be closing in on a new home for myself. I feel it getting closer, and I am one happy girl. The thought of having a home and not just a storage unit is making my little inner girl so very, very happy. She is not doing the dance of joy yet, mind you– she has had way too many disappointments in her life for that. But her foot is definitely tapping and her hips are beginning to wiggle. Insert snaggle-toothed grin here.

And, of course, at the same time, I am very present to all the people in Haiti right now who have lost their homes and many of their loved ones in the Earthquake. This is the dance of duality it is to be alive in the world today it seems. So as I begin to feel the joy of having my own home, I am also saying prayers for all the people in Haiti (and around the world) who do not have shelter, food, water, or other basic necessities.

May we all do everything we can to help those in need. Please. Thank You.



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Blessings Come From All Directions

Ah, I am back in the cold, gray, fog land of Northern California. A world of difference from Maui, Hawaii. Being in the warmth and deliciousness that was Maui for me was so healing and rejuvenating on so many levels. I come alive in warm, tropical places. I hibernate in the cold. But here I am. Still living out of a suitcase and a storage unit. Went by the storage unit, dropped off my barely there clothes and picked up my layers of winter clothes. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr………….

I am looking for things to appreciate, and I am finding it everywhere. And, I have to say, that I am really excited to manifest home, home, home on a specific part of this home (namely a tropical part) called Planet Earth spinning in the home known as the Cosmos. I am so ready to live somewhere where the trees on the land I am stewarding produce avocados, bananas, mangos, papayas, coconuts, and other tropical fruits!

The doors to the place I thought I was moving to in Mexico seem to be closing. But I know that when one door closes, another one opens. So, I am looking forward to seeing what door opens up next!

Until then, I will just pile on the layers and think warm, happy, sunshiny thoughts!


PS i did an interview while on Maui with a wonderful activist and journalist. Some of the facts are wrong, but i think the essence is captured. If you would like to check out not only my interview, but his work at large go to:

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“Almost” 2009, Ringing in 2010

It’s a new year. 2009 has passed. It is now early, wee hours of 2010. I rang in the New Year with a walk on the beach with a friend, many texts to and from friends and framily, laughter, fireworks, a potent full, blue moon, and rain (very rare for this part of the Island.)

For me, 2009 feels mostly like the year of “almost.” Almost manifested a home. Almost manifested a partner (although to be honest, I only very recently realized I wanted one–that is a very new experience for me.) Almost manifested clarity around how and what to do with my life now. Almost got a president we could have been proud of. Almost got an agreement around climate change that could have redirected our human family from our self-made destruction. It is very hard for me to be in “almost” for this long.

I have had many wonderful experiences this last year, and I am very grateful for each and every one of them. And at the same time, as I look back, the feeling I am left with about 2009 is… almost. It is the year that passed with almost nothing more than a sigh.

And, it is also, the year that ended with beautiful relationships and partnerships all around me (even as I write this, a couple in the condo above me are abviously fully enjoying the gifts of physical connection– also known as sex.)

I met a whole “pod” (the name given to ‘family’ here) on this trip to Maui. And almost all in the pod are beautiful, amazing examples of incredible relationships made possible through intentionality, love, purposefull-ness, and that spark that seems to be magic.

I recognize and acknowledge that I am both hopeless romantic and hopeless cynic. I dance between believing in magic and believing in nothing other than our collective stupidity. I am the dance of duality, and it feels like I could possibly be on the cusp of something more than that… something new… well, almost.

May 2010 be the year of moving beyond almost into the realm of actuality and groundedness. May this grounded reality also have tons of magic. I know it is asking for a lot… but what do I have to lose?

Happy New Year!


julia b

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