60 Years

My Grandmother passed from the physical realm into the Spirit realm this morning. She had a long and full life. What I can’t help thinking about is my Grandfather. He and my Grandmother were married over 60 years. When I was visiting them a few weeks ago, at one point, my Grandfather leaned over to me, looked at my Grandmother and said, “I am ready to go when the Good Lord will have me, but I gotta stay here to take care of her as long as she is here.”

She’s gone now. They will be putting her body in it’s final resting place tomorrow. I am praying for my Grandpa. I think he is going to feel pretty lost without her. May Angels watch over them and steward them both on this new journey for each of them. Take good care Grandpa. Rest in Peace Grandma.



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  1. Sorry to read of your losses. My condolences to you and your family.

    ~~~Steve H.

  2. Sending love to you and to your grandfather, and a peaceful journey to your grandmother, Julia. Much love.

  3. i’m sorry for your loss. Grandpa may wish to share or not but should appreciate your thought and time. Share some happy times with us/him wink. The tree always makes noise on the way down; the hard part is if noone hears it that cares. laugh live love these last delete the rest. remember your in our thoughts, prayers,and happy holiday wishes.

  4. Thanks Gal. Much Love to you too.

  5. I pray your Grandmother’s transition was both smooth and blessed.

    That which is remembered lives.

  6. I am so grateful your Grandfather did everything he wanted to do for his beautiful bride! What an accomplishment of life he has given her… And perhaps he will find another reason for his heart to keep beating. Of course perhaps also he’s done all he needs to do this time around! For his accomplishment is more than you or I could dare to even dream of doing!

    Most of all, no matter what, let’s focus on what’s to be celebrated about the beauty of it all… Of being able to love someone else more than even our own self!

  7. My sympathies and condolences on you and your family’s loss. May her memory bring you comfort.

  8. Dear Julia,
    I occasionally drop in or your blog to see how your life is going. I’m sorry to hear about the passing of your grandmother. I hope you know there are a lot of people out there….me included….who love and care about you. I hope to meet you someday while we are still in this Earthly plain. I also enjoyed reading your experience with the dolphin and the jelly fish. Hawaii…..just wow…I’ve always wanted to live there!
    Take care and have a wonderful new year!
    Bill Wood
    Clearwater Florida
    PS: are you on facebook?… if so I would love to be “your friend”.

  9. i am on Facebook under “Julia Hill.” Feel free to friend me there.

  10. Hi sweets,
    Just got back to the computer after the hiatus and read about your Grandmother. I am feeling your heavy heart sweet sister, my prayers are with you and your family now. I know you are in Hawaii with the jellyfish and dolphins and the sun shining in your face! Oh to have a love like your Grandparents, huh? Mine as well were blessed to be with eachother Sixty Years (oh how our lives parallel) and that beautiful woman you met at our wedding (My Gma) mourned my Gpa for some time. After a while she got her own groove back, and did things she had never done without her husband, like for the first time balance a check book and learned how to play pool (they call her “Trixie” at the pool hall, imagine…). I wish the same healing for your Grandfather and sending you big love, oh to love something, someone, for sixty years, I’d say they are darn lucky!! Love you!

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