Sing Your Songs

Today I went to an event called, “Growing A Global Heart” in support of Belvie Rooks and her vision and commitment to planting 1 million trees along the trans-atlantic slave route to plant healing for people and the planet. Belvie is an incredible human being. She has supported so many incredible individuals and organizations, and it was an incredible honor to show up to support her and her amazing and inspiring vision. While sitting listening to one amazing speaker after another, a poem came through me. I share it now in honor of Belvie Rooks and the profound vision of one million trees being planted and growing and thriving along the trans-atlantic slave route. It is a vision whose time has come. For more information go to:

“Sing Your Songs”

Sing your songs,
Children of the Earth…
You, whose voices
have been shut down,

Sing your songs,
Children of the Earth…
You, who have lost hope,
given up on a world
that has given up on you.

Sing your songs,
Children of the Earth…
Sing the world awake
from its terrible slumber.
Sing the world
into healing,
re-weaving the threads
of a torn fabric.

Sing your songs,
Children of the Earth…
sing at the top of your lungs,
from the roof-tops
as we plant gardens
and dance rhythms
only you know…
inviting others to remember.

Sing your songs,
Children of the Earth…
Sing loudly,
Sing proudly.
Hold your heads high
and your hearts wide open.

Sing your songs,
Children of the Earth…
and teach us all to sing
the song…
of healing…


julia butterfly hill November 1, 2009

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your poems – they are amazing!

  2. Yes! Lift up your voice and sing!

  3. Hi Ms. Hill,

    I am a professor at Hanover College in Indiana. My class, Theological Perspectives on Nature, will be reading an excerpt from Luna found in the American Earth this week. Students will be responding to it on the class blog on Thursday for Friday’s class. It would be a real joy if you were to submit a brief comment on the blog. The blog address is

    Dave Cassel

  4. How can you plant
    Trees in the middle
    Of an ocean of hate?

    Love isn’t enough

    You also need weighted
    Cages full of salt-repelling compost

    And calm weather

    And perhaps a
    Submarine to prune
    The roots of mankind’s

  5. Hello fellow WordPress blogger! I have been checking your blog since meeting you first in Knoxville, TN (UCC National Youth Event) and then last year at the Non-violent Communication weekend in Eugene. When I was awarded the Kreativ Blogger award, I wanted to send you one as well in recognition of your poetry. Thanks Julia!

    ~kristina, blogging at

  6. Julia, there is one really important change to make to the song…one change to the song I’ve sent, here is the corrected text. I’ve put in the word “singing,” whereever there is the word “pleading.” The song feels so much better. It truly makes the song. So much more joy. Sorry to fiddle with things after having sent it in for posting, but this it. I won’t bother you with anything more to do with the song. And I won’t barrage you with silly. Here is the corrected title and text:

    I’m Singing for the Forests

    I’m singing for the forests,
    The fair cov’ring of earth.
    That give to us moist air to breathe
    My breath to me, from birth.

    In all the world the forests,
    I’m singing for their fate,
    where balsam, fir, and elm all dwell
    in a pale and mournful state.

    Of all the villainy conceived
    And wrought in acts of man
    I know not one so grievous now
    As the destruction of the land.

    Explosions on the mountaintops
    On the mountains of the Lord
    They tear the verdant ridges down
    In rubble to the ground.

    The coal that’s taken from the hills
    “Clean coal” is what it’s called
    Is mined and burned within the mills
    to light our hallowed halls.

    We see the sure destruction
    We feel it in our bones
    For though they may seem far from us
    The mountains are our home.

    In states a thousand miles away
    Are brown and dying stands
    Where poisons carried on the winds
    Devastate our handsome land

    In countries all across the world
    We hear the same complaint
    The trees are poisoned by the winds
    “Our childrens’ breath is faint.”

    The leadership in Washington
    Is distracted as us all
    They’ve not the will to interfere
    And heed the mountain’s c alls.

    When will we learn to see each tree,
    And mountain for itself?
    A living thing with veined hands
    Giving life, and breath, and health.

    No tree can speak for itself
    Nor vista can implore
    When enginery of war is used*
    ‘Gainst a mountain and its ore.

    I’m singing to the Congress, Senate,
    President, Citizens, —All—
    Wake up. Take action. —Stop the greed
    That is threatening us all.

    I’m singing for the forests—
    I’m singing for their fate
    a kingdom where our senseless ways
    kill God’s amazing grace.

  7. i will sing – thank you for reminding an opening note to sing me.

  8. i wish i could be more like you, julia.

  9. You can be anything you put your heart and action into being!!!

  10. awe inspiring vision, gorgeous poem.

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