In Honor of Unexpected Friends and Unexpected Surprises

A thousand butterflies
kiss the sky with their wings
as an offering
to the magic you are
in this moment

Published in: on October 21, 2009 at 2:25 am  Comments (4)  

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  1. that would be a sight we are just getting leaves in a downward direction but imagining all that color going everywich way. IDIC reminds me most things are infinitely smaller the closer they are don’t let the tree cause you to miss the forest sorry couldn’t resist. but what’s new starfish =) and if we expected all things ….ps have you thought about doing a cookbook vegan be an excuse to INDULGE

  2. Beautiful… simple…. MAGIC 🙂

  3. Ms. Hill, I appreciate your efforts in educating people, and trying to make them aware of their individual power. I also am in agreement with your disappointment with President Obama. I think our true foe in this world is the ever increasing stranglehold on our life by corporations and their political partners in crime. Your stand for the environment and your obvious commitment to the idea of an individual’s personal power is not new, however it is refreshing to see it become part of your message, for that is the key to true change and transformation. Freedom through Personal Responsibility and Awareness. I personally am trying to put forth an idea, which would remove much of the protection and power of corporate entities. Unfortunately they enjoy much of the same rights as you and I, and yet can live on forever, with no personal responsibility, shielding their owners and stockholders from the liability of the harm they cause. They act like money hungry sociopaths, and we are merely their prey. Their greed knows no bounds, nor any conscience. We have descended into an age of blatant fascism in America, no amount of flag waving can hide it. Even our federal government is a corporate structure (which is how they circumvent the constitution). There no longer exist any common law courts, only courts of equity or civil law, which primarily is a function of enforcing corporate rule over us all.
    I pray that you are well and happy and please continue to show the power of individuals can triumph over corporate monsters, Thank you, Mark McDonald.

  4. How exqisitly hilarious,this ode to the magical incandessence of your heart was just taking form in my energy matrix of consciosness a few moments ago,ditto dear heart!
    Do you recall a FB friend by the name of Zoe Jenkins well my real name iz zoe crofts ,i just don’t altogether trust the whole Facebook honoring my privacy thing,ya know?
    I feel a deep soul nurishing resonace with you in heart and spirit,Julia although I’ve only met you one time last mother’s day @ Cafe Gratitude in Berkeley as you were embracing your sweet mama but I just feel on this core intrinsic level this love for your being.
    I see you!
    Now of course I must say as a disclamer my name means (the literal etomological structure)Trees Of Life so I might be just a little bit biased?!

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