As If Before

What would it be like
to live
with hearts wide open
as if before we knew
what it is to be hurt
disappointed and disillusioned

What would it be like
to hug and hold
as if before we knew
what it is to be hit
and hurt and shamed

What would it be like
to Love
with no limits
or borders or boundaries
as if we and the clouds are one
dancing in the sky
sailing into infinity

julia butterfly hill October 2009

Published in: on October 10, 2009 at 2:24 pm  Comments (9)  

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  1. it would be like magic!
    Please, find a way to give your poems to the world!

    miwe no limits

  2. Wow, that’s so inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  3. It is who we are and who we are meant to be!

    And everything in the way of that must be reconciled, grappled with, transmuted into guidance that through great challenge ultimately returns us to our truest, purest nature!

    Thank you for your poem!

  4. we have a long way to go but having a vision like that steers us in the right direction. often enough the do gooders and the rule makers loose intrest if they loose their comforts too. take a walk at the local landfill and note all the “deposit” containers,recyclables,and things people could reuse. outa sight outa mind is still true. theres a lot more of us throwing on the back forty and someone built a condo there. i digress thanks for your courage to share this poem. would appreciatte more if your comfortable could you clarify if present or past sentiment my archeology training spots a few trends in your thoughts. lol

    ps kinda be nice if someone could renew your soul to those “innocent days” knowledge is two fold forces choices and action even if the choice is to be inactive =)

  5. wow. Thank you 🙂

  6. Dear Julia–
    A lovely poetic reminder and vision! i’ve heard you speak of Tell-a-Vision as a way to help compensate for the lack of real vision on TV, and elsewhere… and since the phrase Web-Sight jumped into my head recently, i wanted to share that. Thanks also for having this weblog; your writings offer refreshing insights and viewpoints, as do many of the comments. (Perhaps there’s also a helpful wordplay for Weblog/Blog!!)

  7. ..pondered the same since I was born. Give it 3 years and see. in the meanwhile do some merkabah meditation

  8. Dear Julia

    With much interest and emotion I watched the global oneness interview with you.
    I was moved by it. Still there are some things I want to let you know:

    All so called holy people did something for or against not so holy people. St.Martin gave half of his cloak to a beggar, Martin became a saint, the beggar did not.

    Is it not so that the hero creates the heroic situation he wants to be a hero in?

    If there had been no activists trying to prevent the cutting of the trees and those cutters would have been alone with their saws and the trees, perhaps one of them might have been in awe of the trees and of what he was doing and decide not to do this anymore. The presence of activists made the cutters just much mor determined to do the thing they did. Now it was not only cutting trees but going against activists as well.

    Jesus let the murderers do what they did, he even healed the cut off ear of one of them. Could one say he respected them?

    Those are questions I live with at the moment.

    kind regards from Andy

  9. You write touching poetry.

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