From Duck Feet to Flip Flops to Wings

Dr. says I can finally be rid of the funny post-op duck feet shoes I have been wearing, and get back to regular shoes! Yay! I am so excited to be able to retrain my feet to walk in regular shoes again. I am not allowed to spend too much time in bare feet or my feet will go crooked again, but I am allowed a special pair of flip-flops, so I am a happy girl.

I am on a focused pace to get ready for two months of travel. I leave on Monday to head to Ireland, then Italy, then New York, the Cincinnati, Ohio all taking me up to the end of October. I have regained my wings! Off on journeys, adventures, and hopefully to do some good for some communities while I am at it!

I am just coming through two weeks of brutal virus that kicked my butt big-time, so I am praying that it is done with me, so I can be healthy for these next two months of full schedule.

I am feeling really ready to be out in the world again. My experience with Harmony festival, Mystic Garden Party, and the Farm-to-Table Benefit has me feeling re-energized to be re-emerging from this latest round of cocoon. I truly enjoy the place of feeling like I am somehow contributing to this world of which I am a part. I often times come up against the wall of feeling like I am not making the difference I really want to be making, but regardless of the outcomes, I know that Julia without the opportunity to be in service is like a river dammed.

So, as my duck feet prepare for shoes and my shoes prepare for wings, I ask the Universe to use me in service with love, joy, purpose, passion, and peace.



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  1. Wow, you’re coming here in Italy too? Wonderful! Enjoy your stay and take care. I would like to suggest, if you’ve the time, to make a little trip along some of the many valleys on the Alps, they’re vondeful…as many other places…uh, well up to you. bye.

  2. Dear Julia B. I also wanted to say bon voyage and that I hope your trip is a wondrous adventure and sometime I’ll tell you about Michigan.

    Aria Amitas

  3. Hope you have a great time when you visit ireland. Will you be doing any public speaking engagements while here?
    Love’n’ stuff

  4. Via con dios, sweet lady. Please be kind to yourself, and come back to us safe.


  5. I remember it was your bare feet that attracted me to a photo of you sitting in a tree in the Los Angeles Times, like in 1998 or so. I think I even kept the photo. I never imagined they were crooked, or even heading in that direction. Just shows how the media can distort things. 🙂

    Feet are such a recurring metaphor I think with you.
    Wish you well in getting back to “regular” shoes!
    Best, Steve

  6. Julia,

    Glad you have fully healed and are feeling recharged. I spoke with you briefly at the Harmony Festival and it was great having the opportunity to make a personal connection with you.

    My fiancee, who I dragged with me and ended up getting a lot out of your talk (and uses your phrase ‘granolier-that-thou’ all the time now), just got his reconstructive foot surgery, too. As I care for him, it is an extra boost to me to hear you healed so well!

    Blessings and love for all that you do for Mama Earth and living as a pants loving ancestor to the future!


  7. i have an interview there, but that is all. i looked to try to find organizations to connect with, but i was not able to uncover a solid one. i am not the best researcher in the world, so i know that had some to do with it. i would have liked to connect with a great organization while there, but maybe i will meet some while i am there.

  8. Thank you Braid! : )

  9. Perhaps you could help spread the word about international solidarity regarding the upcoming G-20 meeting in Pittsburgh, PA (Sept. 24-25, 2009)? With the global economy in the state it’s in, along with all the other issues related to the G20, people may finally be ready to take a stand, in mass, against the international oligarchy. My hope is that new tools (like Twitter) may help coordinated mass action around the globe. Just a thought. Peace.

  10. Julia ~

    So happy to hear that you are on the mend.
    Safe travels and abundant blessings!

    ~ Daniel

  11. May you take fabulous flight and lift others as you ascend. May you land rooted, centered, and balanced. May you continue to be honestly human so the rest of us continue to do our work knowing we are only human. May you be healthy on your journey.

  12. You mentioned traveling to Cincinnati. Are you speaking at an event open to the public? I would be interested in attending there.

  13. Wishing you safe travels.

  14. i am not doing any public events. Where do you live?

  15. Thanks Daniel!

  16. Thank you Bree!

  17. I will be a part of the World Peace Yoga Conference. Hope to see you there!

  18. Thank YOu!

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