Mexico and No Swine Flu or Drug Wars

Quiet moments
steal out from under me
on the wings of chirping birds
and crashing waves.

How is it that this place,
so alive with sound,
is yet so filled with peace.

I machete the coconut,
drinking the Divine liquid
elixer hidden inside.
Splitting it open,
i scoop out
some young, tender coco-meat for me,
leaving plenty for the myriad of birds
hiding in the bushes
awaiting their turn–
Golden-Breasted, Metallic Blue and Green, On-Fire Orange–
the list is endless.

i add raw, organic agave and water to the coco-meat,
and puree it all together,
adding vanilla and a hint of cinnamon
until it is custard consistency.

Scoop into a glass container
and drizzle with agave and cinnamon on top
and place in refrigerator.

Time to serve guests, i layer the custard
with bananas and mangoes
and spoon into individual bowls.

i love the moment of silence while mouths are filled
followed by the widening of eyes and smiles
and the groaning, “mmmmmmmmm, delicious!”

i am meant to be in a place like this.
i thrive here.
And so does all the life around me.

i can overlook the mosquito war zone of my body,
when victory has such sweet rewards.

Quiet moments and crashing waves dance together
with hot sun and cool breeze,
tart limone and pungent papaya,
sweet cocos and spicy chiles…
this land of duality
is the perfect accompaniment
to my life’s path.

i am meant to be in a place like this.
i thrive here.
And so does all the life around me.

julia butterfly hill June 2009

To see where i stayed:

and where i am moving:

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  1. mmmmmmmmmmm…delicious! my heart is smiling 🙂 Thanks

  2. HI Julia, if it were winter, i’d be SOOOO envious.. but the Hudson Valley is glorious right now. nevertheless the BIRDING where you are… oh my gosh. sweet sweet poem I loved it. kip

  3. Hi Julia, It was nice meeting you in Buenavista. The Playa Viva website looks awesome. My husband & I didn’t get a chance to invite you to San Miguel to check out our bio intensive farm, but if you ever feel like heading inland, shoot me an e-mail. Nice blog! I have enjoyed the things I have read, thanks for sharing. Saludos.

  4. you are an amazing, inspirational young woman. thank you, thank you, thank you!! for all you’ve done for the glorious tree beings!!! wow….
    i am sitting in my home on the north shore of Maui watching a(nother!) beautiful sunset…reading about you, now just read your awesome poem…and am so happy to feel how wonderfully at peace you sound. and i am going to use try recipe tomorrow!!! sounds super yummy! thanks for that, too!!!
    MORE Peace and Blessings to you dear Julia Butterfly,
    sending you sooo much Aloha,
    gratefully yours,

  5. JBH! Are you going to live in a palm TREE house? Your live has come full circle! So happy for you in your new home!

  6. Oh Julia, I am so happy for you. I have worried about you over the last couple of years. I felt you carried a tremendous weight on your shoulders for too long. It does my heart good to see you thriving in such a wonderful place.

    I was checking in on you to tell you I went back to Wounded Knee last month and met the nephew of Leonard Crow Dog. I had such a wonderful experience this time. I worked mostly with the children, which is what I should have done last time. We started the Art of Children and I “did” a sweat lodge and got to hear ancient stories around a fire as a herd of wild ponies galloped by. We passed a pipe afterwords and prayed and I was really glad I toughed the sweat out because a 9 year old girl made it:) Theyre a tough people!
    Anyway, I was thinking of you and wanted to let you know this time.
    I hope everything in your future will continue to be such a blessing for you….and if you see me wandering down the beach one day be sure to stop and say hello.

  7. Yea sweet mama! Young coconut, birds, friends, and sweet sweet summer. Cannot wait to play with you in Sept., love you! Christie

  8. 🙂

    Love is the breath of the Cosmos… and it is clearly flowing through your ~30 trillion cells… just beware of the sharks Beloved One! 😉

    What a pleasure has been to connect with you at the SOULlular level sister Julia. Thanks for enriching our lives with your presence on the planet.

    Since Poetry is the Science of the Soul, I’m attaching some of “that flow” in the PS.

    Have a ONE-derful week hermana Julia! 🙂

    Muchos blessos (que es una combinación de blessinsgs + besos),
    in big smiles + big hugs + service + solidarity, loving you between zero and ONE,


    Between Zero and ONE
    I’m busy finding the infinite ways that I love you,
    and if you listen carefully to the Milky Way,
    you will hear, my angel, that she is busy loving you too.

    I want you, my dear, to conceive the largest number your mind is capable of imagining…

    How many cells have have been nourished as units of life for humanity to exist?
    How many minutes in silence have the still-minds of all the planet’s satyagrahis spent to continue the kindness revolution?
    How many leaves have been kissed by the Sun?
    How many molecules of air have been dancing in the atmosphere?
    How many droplets of water have been flowing freely on the skin of the Earth?
    How many worlds and stars and galaxies had stood over you all night keeping watch?
    How many photons live inside the body of the Cosmos?
    How many shining eyes are there in all the children of Nature?

    If you listen carefully to the Milky Way,
    you will hear, my angel, that she is busy loving you too, with all her stars as ONE;
    she is busy loving you with each spark of life;
    she is busy loving you and loving me and loving every single being that has ever inhabited this world;
    she is busy loving us with a unified impermanent breath and with her intoxicating scent of oneness.

    Then the multiverse of universes counts without counting and resets my soul,
    because reducing ourselves to Zero is where we all converge to start again.

    This is how we are still busy finding the infinite ways that we love you,
    between Zero and ONE.

  9. Julia,
    you are like my hero. I hope to be just like you in the future! My dream job is to be an environmentalist just like you. I really hope you could post your e-mail because i have so much i would like to say to you!

    yours truely,

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