A Poem Written For A Dear Friend

Hi All,

This is a poem that came through me inspired by and written for a very dear friend of mine. I feel like some of you may like it too, so i share it with you as well.



When I think of you
I am filled with so much love
That my heart aches and
Splits into a million pieces
Of humble gratitude

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  1. Thank you for this beautiful poem, that so perfectly captured my own love. Thank you for being!

  2. This intricate little poem reminded me of “Indra’s jeweled net” which is described in the Dalai Lama’s wonderful book “The Universe in a Single Atom”(page 89). The gist is that: like crystal gems at every intersection of an infinite net, every being is reflected in each other.

  3. Cool poem!

  4. …nice – sometimes when I think of you…

    Locked to our hope
    we wander so,
    to worlds that we should see,
    and often find
    our love alone,
    wishing we were free.

  5. Dear Julia Butterfly–

    a poem for you!


    Tibetans say:
    at every infinite intersection
    of Indra’s Jeweled Net
    there is a crystal gem
    every other crystal gem
    of the Universe.

    Our Father’s House has many mirrors
    would be the Western translation.

    On the worn gray roadway
    a truck — hauling eggs, computer parts,
    maybe oxygen tanks — reminds us:
    “If you can’t see my mirrors,
    I can’t see you.”

    One time
    at the amusement park fun-house
    my head was as big as
    a hot air balloon,
    and my legs skinny as sticks.

    What you see in the mirror
    could be
    what is called ‘your self’

    or maybe someone
    is looking for you.

    – Mankh

  6. Dear Julia,
    Your poem is wonderful!
    Here’s a poem by our daughter Chloe (she’s six now). She wrote this one year ago this month.

    The trees are here for mindfulness.
    Every time we see them we think of happiness.
    I like the sound of the trees
    blowing in the wind.

    With much love,

  7. Julia,
    Great poem.

    I have just very recently become aware of the many things that you are doing in creating communities of trust and action. I have some questions that would really be helpful to dialog about if you get a chance. I think my email link should show up in the comment info, but otherwise its on my blog.

    See, I have really only for the last 3 months had great clarity that it is my very intense purpose and passion to create safe spaces for dialog and for learning from each other about how we integrate our spirituality into our lives. I am realizing that I care very deeply about getting people of all spiritual paths together to learn from each other. People really don’t talk too much with those who think very differently than them… especially when it comes to religion and spirituality.

    While I have been leading groups for quite a few years, it is only since I have been hosting a weekly dialog/class at my partner’s yoga studio here in Bend, OR (myc yoga), that I have begun to really see what a turning point and time of opportunity we are in. This is how I heard about what you are doing.

    Anyway, you can see I have been writing about things a bit on my site… but I would really like to throw out some more focused questions.
    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Nate Bettger

  8. Dear Julia,

    I am 15 and a great admirer of you and your work.I just now found your blog here and have enjoyed reading it. The poem was lovely. I too am vegan and an environmental activest. I would love to hear of any idea’s you have for more things we all can do for the earth and environment.


  9. To be so hard and cold
    Only to rejoice and come back to the fold
    Standing straight and proud
    Singing to all around
    We are not done
    Remember to have some fun

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  11. Thanks so much for checking in first Genevieve about reposting. Feel free to save and repost.

    All the very best,


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