Hi Friends,

I was in the wet and cold of Milwaukee, Wisconson. I had a full and lovely day beginning with a tour and lunch with the wonderful folks at the Urban Ecology Center ( I so enjoyed the visit partly because the people were funny and very interesting. But also, they are an absolutely fantastic model of what is possible when we see caring for our Planet and caring for our Human Communities as inextricably linked.

They are housed in a really cool building filled and built with a majority of reused resources. From the office furniture to most of the walls, floors, tables, etc… almost all of it was saved from going to the landfil by taking what was no longer wanted by a school, business, or construction site and giving it new life in their building. And it is a building that is beautiful, homey, and full of exploration, fun, and wonder. Plus, they serve all the local schools within a two mile radius and have now begun to co-create branches within other parts of Milwaukee.

You have to check them out. They are super-cool!

Next was a drive a few hours away to Steven’s Point and a college presentation there as well.

From Milwaukee, I went to Wheaton College and had a great classroom conversation and larger event open to the whole campus and community. The professor who facilitated the conversation teaches a course on environmental philosophy. It was cool to see students really digging into the ethics of ecological stewardship in the challenges of living in today’s world.

From Wheaton College, I headed to Boulder, Colorado. This event was held outside in beautiful weather. Yippeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) The next day, i went to Denver to visit The Alliance Center which is a super cool, sustainably renovated warehouse that is the home for numerous organizations working for a sustainable Colorado. Check them out on Later in the day, headed back to Boulder to do a fundraiser for the Alliance.

And now, back in the Bay for a bit. It is sunny and cold! Brrrrrrr.

I was supposed to be heading to Mexico to co-lead a retreat, but the swine-flu has changed all of that. Another indicator that we should not be mass-producing animals for food!!!! Go Joyfully Vegan! Yeah!!!

That’s the update for now.



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An Interview I Did Recently

Hi All,

Here is an interview I did recently with a man named Tom Callos who does really cool stuff with getting the martial arts community involved in service based projects. The book I reference in the interview is called Lose Your Mother: A Journey Along The Altlantic Slave Route by Saidiya Hartman.

The project of the Engage Network–Off The Mat Into The World is in partnership with the wonderfully gifted Yoga instructor, Seane Corn.

Hope you enjoy.



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