For Cascadia Wildlands Project

The rain dances on the skylights. It is cold. I am no longer in Southern California. I am headed to Eugene, Oregon to do a benefit dinner for Cascadia Wildlands Project. They are a wonderful organization working to protect and restore parts of the beautiful forests and watersheds of the wild Northwest. I am in love with the wild. It makes my soul sing and my heart dance with joy. It humbles me and reminds me of how insignificant I truly am.

In the grand scheme of things, there is no such thing as permanent protection (it only means how vigilant we have to be at any one given time.) And there are no perfect solutions or answers (life would be easier if there were.) Yet, in the face of this, many of us arise to greet each day with a renewed sense of commitment to our wild Sacred Earth because we know it is the commitment to our very souls.

I often get so hurt and disappointed. And it’s not nearly as often with the corrupt corporations and governments and ignorance of people, as it is usually with the huge disparity between what those of us of supposed consciousness espouse and the way we live our lives. Too often I want to throw in the towel. I want to go hide out from humans and just be with the wildness of the other than human life until it takes my physical form and transitions me into purely energy.

But I find that I can’t really do that. My soul’s purpose won’t allow me. It continues to call me back into the realm of the human animals asking that we all wake up a little more and commit ourselves to holding ourselves to living our vision of the world even more than trying to tell everyone else how they should change. The greatest leaders in life led by example; not just by words.

I do not care so much about what you know. I am so much more interested in how you live your life in alignment with your vision for the world. That inspires me. That motivates me. That reconnects me with why possibly, we as humans are still here. And still, at the end of the day, as I sit here typing, listening to the rain pounding harder on the roof, I know that I can’t live my life in hopes that people will live in more integrity. My life is not based on anything but my connection to the Divine and living my life with as much integrity as I know each and every moment. I often struggle in this dance. I am working on learning the rhythm, so that I might somehow learn to dance with Grace and Joy.

For the WILD,


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  1. Wildness is the perfect place where we can express ourselves in total freedom. Wildness is a place with its rules/rythms, but it never imposes them to us and, at the same time, we can’t control it in anyway. When we face a wild place or a wild person or “the wildness” we know we can just be ourselves, simply and truly…dancing with what we really are and far from judgment 🙂 Enjoy the wild!

  2. So beautifully said, such a gracefully humble reminder. Thank You for your commitment. deborah

  3. I wrote a longer post but I guess it’s not going to get posted? I wonder why?

    My point was Support Cascdia Wildlands Project

  4. Great post. I live in wine country but I miss the raw power of bare nature. The closest I get nearby is Muir Woods. I try to go early in the morning on a weekday when there are few tourists and it is quiet. Even if I walk in thinking about work, bills and the like, by the time I walk out it is amazing how centered I feel and how still the mind has become.

  5. i have recently started this journey of fighting for the wilderness i love rather than just wanting to retreat into it. your words made my heart tremble and say yes. feeling stronger and also more vulnerable.

    i will take your words with me into this new world.

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