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Hi Everyone. The Yoga Journal Conference went really well. The panel with Seane Corn and Katchie Ananda was fun and insightful. It is always nice to hear the perspectives of incredible people like these women. We have an easy flow with one another that made the conversation feel effortless.

The workshop with Katchie was a great experience as well. We had on all day intensive that combined conversation, yoga, meditation and ritual. The sharing from the group was deep, profound, funny, and inspiring.

I love the opportunities to look at and work on living full, holistic, inspired, and empowered lives of service. And I LOVE Yoga! It has made such a difference in my life.

I spent the last two weeks at Optimum Health Institute cleansing and detoxifying . I have been working on removing heavy metals from my body and bringing my body and health back into balance. It was an intense and wonderful two weeks. My favorite part of the whole experience was actually the wonderful people that I met. I spent time with people from all walks of life from all over the world. Spending that much time with people as one is going through such an intense experience brings people together who would not otherwise probably connect.

I was spending tine bonding with people who proudly display their McCain Palin bumper stickers. Other bumper stickers said to drill in Alaska because it is the smart solution to the energy crisis. And of course, the required amount of God Bless America stickers and yellow ribbons. And then, right next to those cars, were the ones with stickers about peace and protecting the environment. And we all spent time together every day getting along, learning one another’s stories, and supporting one another in our health and wellness commitments. Even on days when the detox kicks in and there are raging headaches and fatigue, there always seemed to be such camaraderie.

It was a good reminder for me to maintain my commitment to being more committed to being connected than to being right. It is only in this space that people’s true beauty and Divinity can shine through. When I am more committed to being right than being connected, I kill off the potential for each Soul’s unique expression to be seen, heard, and valued. This is often tines easier said than done because of the deep pain I feel when people’s views and beliefs are connected to the destruction of our planet and our lives. But these last two weeks reminds me yet again that there is Beauty, Magic, Mystery… and even FUN hiding out in the most unlikely of places.

Julia b

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  1. Dear Julia,
    we write from South Italy. we have composed a new italian song about your story, called “Julia & Luna”. you can listen it on:


    Please let us know what do you think about it!


  2. Julia, you always amaze. The very idea that you would detoxify, wow. That being said, I have always been a great admirer. We met once a few years back after a folding newsletter party at your office in Oakland, and you gave me the greatest hug.

    Well, I always wondered if you ever thought you might run for president one day. I mean you are an American hero in your own right. What you did should go down in history like Johnny Appleseed.

    Mark N.

  3. Great post! We’re big fans over here at http://www.elephantjournal.com … of Seane, too!

  4. Thank you JB!

    In the past year I have learned to love everyone regardless of their politics. Its been an eye opening experience for me to realize my own prejudices even though I always thought I was an incredibly open hearted person. I am growing and thriving as I learn to accept and love people whom in the past I would have immediately judged and hated. I love the way you put this: “more committed to being connected than to being right”.

    I’ve been looking for words for this for a long time. Thank you for providing them!

  5. Thanks for taking the time to write about it your recent experiences and insights. It’s good to be reminded that we can disagree we people, but we don’t have to be disagreeable with them. Didn’t someone say “love thy enemy as yourself”? or something like that? Not to be glib… ofcourse, being an East Coaster, I can’t help but be glib. But seriously, you always inspire me to try and be better in various ways.. many thanks ! kip in rhinebeckNY

  6. Sounds like it was quite an event. By the way, best wishes for your upcoming birthday (Feb 13?). Many happy returns.

  7. Hi~
    I love the fact that everyone got along, regardless of their beliefs and regardless of having a bad headache day!

    There is an estimated 450,000 churches in America. I’m saddened that so many churches and people claiming to be Christians have had so little impact on the daily lives of people around them. There is a kind of disconnect in our churches that allow so-called Christians to use God’s name to promote their own agendas instead of following His Words in their lives.

    It’s not religion that people need. There is a vast difference between being religious and having the Spirit of God in our hearts. Those who are religious, often act in ways contrary to God’s Word. They give Christians a bad name, because they act carnally in the name of Christ. They have no concept of what Christianity is really all about. We can disagree with a person’s behavior without rejecting them, and that’s what I love about the experience you cited in your blog here. Thank you for sharing it.

  8. i am not sure what you are asking about

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