Upcoming Event in San Francisco

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that coming up in January I will be doing a panel discussion and co-leading a workshop at the upcoming Yoga Journal Conference in San Francisco. I am doing very few public events these days, so I wanted to make sure and let you know in case you are near SF and want to come. The Panel discussion is with two of my friends, Katchie Ananda and Seane Corn. The workshop is with Katchie. I have known Katchie for many years and her classes are inspirational, educational, challenging, and fun all in one. I helped Katchie launch the Spiritual Activation series based on my giving talks on the topic and the Sounds True CD I did of the same name, Spiritual Activation. I absolutely love that Katchie and others have picked up on this theme and are utilizing it in their work as well. This series and our workshop is about bringing Spirit into Action with love, joy, grace, humbleness, and fierce commitment.

The Panel Discussion is Sunday, January 18th from 1:30 – 2:30 pm. It is a lunch conversation. As of yet, I am not sure where in the conference it is being held, but if you get a ticket for that day, you will be able to find out where it is once you get there. Also, if I get the information beforehand, I will post it here.

And the workshop is January 19th from 9 am – 4:30 pm.

The title of the workshop is Spiritual Activation: The Evolution of Yoga and Social Change. Our quick write-up about it is: Yoga practice is our inhalation-our way to connect to a greater vision. Acting on our values is our exhalation. We’ll move from a discussion of spiritual activation into a deep and heartfelt yoga practice. With this embodied awareness, get inspired into conscious action and leave with a renewed connection to yourself, your community, and the world. For more info go to http://www.yjevents.com/yjevents/sf09/monday_full.php

Hope to see some of you there. It will be a great panel conversation and workshop!



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  1. Too many miles between me and SF. To many miles between me and America to start with.
    It’s a shame, it sounded interesting.
    One day, maybe.
    Have good holidays,

  2. Sounds like a fascinating topic. Best wishes with the workshop and panel discussion.

  3. Querida y admirada Julia,es hermoso leer tus palabras…
    Soy de Argentina,Rosario y Dios quiera puedas ver
    estas lineas…
    Le doy Gracias a Dios,realmente por haberte guiado
    como canal y porque la difusion de tu valor
    para vivir y para acompañar a Luna y asi que el mundo se halla dado cta del poder de amor que tiene nuestros arboles y toda la naturaleza…
    Yo amo los arboles muchisimo y tambien considero
    que son grandes maestros y protectores de nosotros,los abrazo mucho y puedo percibir su energia…
    Aqui en Argentina,tambien es alarmante la deforestacion de nuestras selvas,en Salta,en Cordoba…a pesar de que son zonas protegidas las saquean lo mismo,pasa que aca todavia no hay un movimiento fuerte para impedirlo,yo soy activista y estoy en una asociacion LOS AMIGOS DEL ARBOL,pero aun no se ha tomado consciencia de la importancia de ellos,tenemos planeado la reeducacion een las escuelas,hablar a nuestros niños para poder proteger con firmeza y amor nuestra naturaleza…
    Dios te bendiga en cada paso,Julia…
    Y gracias por tu servicio y tu amor…
    Un calido abrazo.
    Silvia Molina.

  4. Julia, I just read your book…and wow. you are such an inspiration for me. I am planning on visiting the redwoods this year and I can’t wait. I want to help but I am unsure of where to start at.

    thank you

  5. Yoga & spirituality – throw in the environment and you would have my three favorite topics in one room!

    I wish I was closer I would definitely attend.

    I was going back over 2008 and hearing you speak at the conference in Asheville was one of the highlights of my year. Thank you so much for being such an authentic, compassionate, inspirational, and all around beautiful person and for encouraging us all to be of service in the world.

    Best wishes for a wonderful ’09!

  6. Thanks Beth for the beautiful and encouraging words! Happy 2009! : )
    julia b

  7. Follow your heart, integrate your mind, and put your commitments into action. We do not need to know how to start in order to start. : ) Enjoy the Redwoods. They are awe inspiring. Love, julia b

  8. Just thinking about you thought I’d say hello, seeing if you’d be in LA anytime soon
    Hope your well
    James b

  9. ms. julia butterfly hill.

    i’ve only just discovered your blog. you and your wise trees have been a recurring thought-topic for several years. ‘legacy of luna’ was big for me. many lessons, not the least of which: love love love all around, even when anger is in the way. adapt. understand we’re part of the ecosystem, not above it. big soul lessons there.

    thank you so much for your work.

  10. Hi!
    I am a high school student taking AP Environmental Science. Just last week, my classmates and I read about you, and eventually our teacher showed us a documentary about what you did. During the video, I seemed to be the only one inspired, whereas my classmates laughed and some just yawned. No one is taking any of this serious and I was wondering if you have any words of motivation that may spark an interest in my classmates.

  11. hi julia!
    This is Bragitta from SCF
    Moved to austin , tx still working on the dream of creating more green gardens Your in my prayers

  12. It is many years and miles since I covered your work in Humboldt while I attended Humboldt State, Julia. I am glad to see it continues, and that it grows and branches out. I would love to catch up sometime, as your story and the one I covered on the protesters in Frank Riggs’ office (and the abuse of them) have shaped my journalism for years.

    I remember our cell phone interview fondly, was glad to see it all recounted, too 🙂 Email anytime!

  13. Hi Julia! Ed in Asheville here. Hope this finds you doing well & staying pumped-up! Was thinkin of you & found the blog. You may have heard about the disastrous coal ash spill in our bioregion. The magnitude is stunning. The GOOD news is the media is listening to the unaffiliated enviro groups who’ve stepped up to counter TVA’s lies and negligence. Folks are doing their own water testing and video posts! The outpouring of public support is inspiring. Google it & see. Maybe Obama will back down from his “clean coal” notions now… I’m doing good and looking fwd to Spring. It’s been plenty cold in the mountains. Don’t forget to drop in to this town if you wander east! Much love to you, Ed

  14. Hi Bragitta! Hope you are thriving in Austin! i am continuing to help the South Central Farmers where and how i can. I am moving to a permaculture farm in Mexico, hoprfully by the end of the year. Much love to you. julia

  15. Ahimsa– “To live so fully and presently in Love, that there is no more room for anything else to exist.”

  16. i find that people are open when thy are open. We can’t force them to be open. Ultimately, people need to get that it is THEIR lives and world that is being impacted. Many people are wonderfully numbed by our culture of addiction to comforts. We live in a society and culture of addicts, and sadly, it often takes addicts hitting rock bottom before they wake up and change their behavior. In the meantime, live your truth and commitments to the best of your ability. Lead by example and see if more people might find themselves getting interested. All the best. And THANKS!

    julia b

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