Step Forward, Step Back

I went to the Castro theater last night with friends to watch “Milk,” starring Sean Penn, based on the true life story of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay person to be elected to public office.

It was profound to be sitting there right in the district where this movement was created. I had to keep holding back tears all night because I am so present to how far we have come and how much further we have to go. It amazes me that right before this film came out, Californians passed Prop 8, now being called by many of us, Prop Hate, excluding people in the homesexual community from their human rights and dignity.

I am continuously appalled by those who claim to have some ownership of what family values are–these same people who have abysmal records at making “marriage” work. Some of my very best examples of what is possible in the realm of deep, loving and long-lasting realtionships are my friends in the gay community.

Even the Bible says, “…And the greatest of these is Love.” And yet somehow, people (especially “religious” people) seem to think there is an asterik at the end of that sentence that excludes certain people from being allowed to love one another and be acknowledged with the same rights as others for their love.

I have watched too many dear friends suffer because of our closed-mindedness. Gay rights are human rights. And the greatest of these is love. I pray and will work for the day when Prop hate is abolished and every state in the US recognizes the equal rights of ALL people to love, honor, and cherish one another.



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  1. in the trajectory of our evolution the human race seems to be better adapted to becoming technologically sophisticated than we are to becoming ethically self-actualized. we have had to suffer through such violence, hatred and misunderstanding over and over again because of the same oppressions focused on different groups of us. The struggle for the rights of women, of blacks, of gays, and of animals are all based on the same recurring fears and fanatacisms. We are masters of categorization and subjective values, creating the “other” and then demonizing them. our religions, governments and our economic systems are ecosystems of hatred that divide us from each other. it is time we get together and demand something different,

  2. It’s always really bothered me how people will use religion as an excuse to exclude others. I think they’re missing the point.

    I wish things were different already! Look how far African Americans have come, from Dr. King to President-Elect Obama, and even though we have made great leaps in equal rights we are still not all the way there. At this rate, how long will we have to wait for our gay community to be fully accepted? Or for that matter, for true human tolerance to be realized for all people?

    Sometimes I think, “I wish I could change the minds of all the people who ostracize others for some trivial trait about their body or life choices!” But then, does that make me intolerant of them? 😉

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