Another Poem By Request

“Me Reflecting You, Reflecting Me”

I do not know anything
that you do not already know

If anything
I might be a till
tilling the fertile soil of your soul
A mirror
cleared of the hazy cloud
of the myths and stories
of our time
the ones that do not serve
our highest selves

I do not care what you look like
on the outside
because I see who you ARE
on the inside
That which lives long after
your skin decays
off your bones
and your bones
turn to dust

I see you as legacy
As a story
whose chapters
are crafted
by the artistry of time
dancing with who you are
moment to moment

I see who you are
A profound opportunity
A gorgeous gift
A manifestation of magic

I know who you are
I do not know anything
that you do not already know

julia butterfly hill August 2006

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  1. this is the one. i will share it my dear friends tonight as we gather under a moon that hangs full in the sky. your active presence in this world makes life better. and your words help to inspire more of us to reach inside ourselves and reflect similar good intentions – right actions. i am deeply grateful.

  2. ahh you’re so cool!
    i was assigned to do a report on youu, because you’re awesome O:

  3. Nice piece.
    It somehow remembered me of a U.K.LeGuin short story called “vaster then empires and more slow”.If you happen to come across it read it.

  4. Hello my non-dual friend!

    As a grad student in eco psychology I am fascinated with your words – and delighted with your actions! Your poem is right for this moment, thank you.

    Reminds me of the lonely beech tree that sits in my back field. Among bare oak and maple her auburn leaves dance in the wind. She may appear to be alone in this time of turning, but she knows … we are all turning.



  5. I saw a film about your tree sitting last night. I got a VHS in Berkeley, for a dollar. I tried to show it to my 5 year old daughter, but that did not work. On the basis of that experience, I think somebody should redo the telling of your story, the way a 5 year old could engage with it… with toons and lots of colors…and Luna speaking…

    I hope there are many more people like you in the world, taking unlikely struggles and winning them.


  6. WHAT THE $*^#! i wrote on here yesterday and just because it was against this butterfly girl she got mad? Whats with that? what happend to freedom of speech? Sounds like shes all for the rights of trees butr doesnt care about the rights of other human beings!

  7. julia, you are so beautiful. i love you! your presence in the world makes life so much more… when i see loveliness, i think of you. when i see despair, i think of you. thank you for the beauty of your love for this world of ours; you are the burning flame i aspire to.

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