Celebration Nation!

Today, we celebrate!  Barack Hussein Obama is going to be our new President here in the United States.  The impact of this election is felt around the world as people from every imaginable background celebrate this hopeful new turning. Marking the end of the Bush Era that has caused such damage and pain and leaves a massive legacy of violence in so many forms–human, environmental, and economical– in its wake.

However, we have a long way to go. Obama currently supports nuclear power and “clean coal” (which is an oxymoron.) He is beholden to a whole lot of people with big pocketbooks. He is inheriting one heck of a mess, as well as stepping into a political system that is filled with corruption. This is only the first step in what will be a long and challenging journey. True Democracy demands an active citizenry. Are we ready and willing to step up our involvement or will this just be the excuse we were looking for to go back to saying, “We did our part.” As in past tense– don’t need to do anything else.

In Claifornia, Prop 2, which made important and vital changes to how Farm Animals are treated PASSED! Another reason to celebrate! I was a part of promoting this proposition and I am so happy that it passed. Sadly, Prop 8 passed as well, stripping away the rights of people who happen to deeply love and respect someone of the same sex from marrying. We continue to live on the edge of such possibility and beauty, and at the same time such ignorance and violence.

Today, we celebrate one giant leap for America and humankind. We, also, grieve and say prayers for how much further we still have to go.

May this be an ushering in of a new era where even more of us role up our sleeves, reach across perceived boundaries, and get to work at healing this world of us (and yes I mean “us” not just “ours.”)


julia b

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