Another Quick Posting Update

Hi Everyone,

Please know that when you send in postings, I have only three options: I can approve, delete, or spam. I do not have the ability to edit what you send.

A person named Bruce wrote in, but then wanted his piece edited which is why I am posting here so everyone will know. In this instance, I had to just delete the whole posting in order to honor the edited wish.

I am pretty behind the curve on this whole computer world. I am still trying to figure out how I can post comments online to some of the questions and comments that others make without having to write a blog entry to do it.

Thanks for your interest, your patience, and hopefully, your care and commitment to a world that works for all.



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Recent Change To Blog Comment Postings

Hi Everyone,

Someone is upset because I deleted their postings. This is an update to let you know that I am very supportive of free speech, and if this person had happened to take a moment to check out postings from the past, they would have seen that I allowed another person who is upset with me to post their feelings. However, what I will not support is inflamatory or hate speech. This person’s previous comments fell into those categories. This is my site and although I encourage and appreciate discussion and debate, I will not allow this space to become a forum for people’s meanness, violence, hatred, or stalking behaviors. I am open to people’s thoughts, feedback, and critiques even if it is from people who do not agree with me as long as it is done in a respectful way.

Thanks so much for your thoughts, ideas, sharings, etc.. I encourage and invite all views that are shared in a respectful way. Healthy Diversity is vital in all parts of a healthy world and healthy planet.



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Another Poem By Request

“Me Reflecting You, Reflecting Me”

I do not know anything
that you do not already know

If anything
I might be a till
tilling the fertile soil of your soul
A mirror
cleared of the hazy cloud
of the myths and stories
of our time
the ones that do not serve
our highest selves

I do not care what you look like
on the outside
because I see who you ARE
on the inside
That which lives long after
your skin decays
off your bones
and your bones
turn to dust

I see you as legacy
As a story
whose chapters
are crafted
by the artistry of time
dancing with who you are
moment to moment

I see who you are
A profound opportunity
A gorgeous gift
A manifestation of magic

I know who you are
I do not know anything
that you do not already know

julia butterfly hill August 2006

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New Chapter

As many of you have probably heard by now, Maxxam Corporation is no longer in Humboldt County.  After so many years of heartbreak and struggle with this Corporation, Maxxam is no longer in charge of Pacific Lumber and the ownership is now with Humboldt Redwood Company which also logs in Mendocino County under the name Mendocino Redwood Company.

It is a profound ending to a sad and destructive legacy, and now the work of healing the land and the relationships between people begins.  Understandably, there is a lot of mistrust and grief, even some anger.  But this shift in companies is actually quite huge.

Although, I in no way feel this company is my ideal by any stretch of the imagination–it does use some practices that I do not support at all–it is so much better than Maxxam, and much better than many other companies. Plus, Mike Jani, the President of the company is a really great guy, who truly cares about trying to find solutions that address environmental concerns as well as the need for jobs and running a successful company.

In a perfect world, we would have more local, worker-owned co-operative style models that keep more money local, and more emphasis on re-use of resources instead of constant, insatiable demand. However, since we do not live in a perfect world, we are grateful for opportunities that come along like this one– opportunities that open the pathway for the beginnings of restoration of both the human and the other-than-human landscape.

Recently, I went to a Maxxam out of Humboldt celebration. It was so powerful to spend time with people who span the decades of this struggle. Some I knew from before, but had not seen in years. Some who I had never met, who were part of the very beginning. And some, who had come along and gotten involved in more recent years. At the gathering, I was very present to how much of their lives people have given to protect the priceless, irreplaceable treasures of old growth forests. It was a poignant and powerful experience for me.

To all of the people involved over all the years in this vital endeavor and worthy struggle (and this absolutely includes people who consider themselves Earth First!), I bow in humble honor and say, “From the depths of my heart, Thank You.”


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Celebration Nation!

Today, we celebrate!  Barack Hussein Obama is going to be our new President here in the United States.  The impact of this election is felt around the world as people from every imaginable background celebrate this hopeful new turning. Marking the end of the Bush Era that has caused such damage and pain and leaves a massive legacy of violence in so many forms–human, environmental, and economical– in its wake.

However, we have a long way to go. Obama currently supports nuclear power and “clean coal” (which is an oxymoron.) He is beholden to a whole lot of people with big pocketbooks. He is inheriting one heck of a mess, as well as stepping into a political system that is filled with corruption. This is only the first step in what will be a long and challenging journey. True Democracy demands an active citizenry. Are we ready and willing to step up our involvement or will this just be the excuse we were looking for to go back to saying, “We did our part.” As in past tense– don’t need to do anything else.

In Claifornia, Prop 2, which made important and vital changes to how Farm Animals are treated PASSED! Another reason to celebrate! I was a part of promoting this proposition and I am so happy that it passed. Sadly, Prop 8 passed as well, stripping away the rights of people who happen to deeply love and respect someone of the same sex from marrying. We continue to live on the edge of such possibility and beauty, and at the same time such ignorance and violence.

Today, we celebrate one giant leap for America and humankind. We, also, grieve and say prayers for how much further we still have to go.

May this be an ushering in of a new era where even more of us role up our sleeves, reach across perceived boundaries, and get to work at healing this world of us (and yes I mean “us” not just “ours.”)


julia b

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