Please Watch And Pass On If It Inspires You

Hello All.

This is a quick entry.  I was recently sent a link to a video on YouTube that I feel is beautiful.  Regardless of political persuasions and beliefs, for me this video is most profound because it is based around prayer.  I love when we are able to move past and through name calling and rhetoric and move into the space of spirit.  Those with different political beliefs than mine might not be so inspired by this video, but it touched me deeply.

I ask that if this video touches and inspires you, that you pass it on to others.  We need to be changing the political conversation from one of “wrong and right”, name-calling, and who can prove who is tougher, to one of inspiration (literally translates to, “Breathe In Spirit.”)

May we all breathe spirit into action in our lives and in the world!



Published in: on October 1, 2008 at 2:25 am  Comments (3)