Thanks For Caring and Sharing

Thanks so much to everyone who responded with such care, thoughts, and advice to my last post.  I appreciate very much your taking the time to write.  

I had to laugh to myself to the dear soul who thought I was too transformed to go through dark nights of my soul.  If only I were that transformed.  But then again, if I was, then I would probably be whatever “enlightened” means and would leave my physical form.

The work I do with people is all about embracing our humanity–the good, the bad, the in between, everything– so that we may find within ourselves what extraordinary truly is– extra ordinary.  People we see as extraordinary are every day, ordinary people who choose to not allow their ordinariness to stop them from doing wonderful and great acts.  

I am oh, so  human.  Ask those closest to me– they will tell you that on one hand, I am incredibly committed, and the flip side of that same coin is a stubborn streak that can sometimes be detrimental and at the very least, a pain in the butt to work with.  They will tell you that I am courageous and the flip side of the same coin can sometimes be reckless.  They will tell you that I have a high level of integrity and the flip side of the same coin is that I can sometimes be rigid and not allow people to be where they are in their own growth stage.  This, and oh so much more, they could share about just how human I am.  For each and every one of us, our strengths and challenges are flip sides of the exact same coin.  Part of our work is to uncover which side of the coin we are operating from, moment to moment, such that we can more fully work from our strengths instead of our defense mechanisms, old patterns and stories.

This thing called life–I am not sure if I really get it.  But I don’t let that stop me from giving it my best shot anyway.  As long as I am here on this planet, I will always do my best to embrace my humanity such that I can find windows through my soul into the infinite Cosmos that allows for my spirit to soar free.  After all, we butterflies love to fly.



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  1. Hi Julia. I was browsing for something inspiring today and completely by accident came upon your What’s Your Tree site and then this blog and noticed you had just updated it today. I have been aware of your work & causes for many years but had not thought about it recently and have been searching myself for answers on what I can do to improve our world quite often lately. Just wanted to say that I appreciate all you’ve done already and totally admire that you continue to work for a better world every day, while others, like me, flounder with indecision. I plan to spend the next couple of months in deep reflexion to figure out exactly “what is my tree?”and then I’m going to get to work!! Thank you.

  2. I think you are so awesome, setting a trend that changed a paradigm. May your life be blessed.

    If you ever come to Denver I’d like to meet you and do lunch. My treat.


    John Shields

  3. Hello, i’ve just recently found out about you and that’s really a shame because so much is involved in what you, as well as many other people, have done that i could have known before and, who knows? Maybe i would have started doing something about it many years before…
    Reading your post as reminded me of something about life: some years ago i’ve attended to a meeting about biotechnologies and a biologist was talking about political points of view about bioethic. At a certain point he said that, in order to take decisions about things such as stem cells politicians have asked biologist to draw the line between living and not living (during the early stages of the grow of an individual).Biologists can’t answer that question: for them life is a process which has started millions years ago and since then goes on in circles. At that time that answer striked me for its semplicity and yet its truth. Obviously that’s just a point of view.

  4. Julia,

    What do you do anyway? It seems like never ending self promotion. When are you actually going to get work in your community and face day to day problems and write about them? You seem to always be writing about you…

    the coin with both sides having only your face on it. That’s not how coins are. Check them out sometime.

    Love, Steve Housewright

  5. Dear Steve Housewright ~
    You asked when Julia would write about something other than herself…HELLO! Blogs are for the purpose of writing about yourself…a journal, so to speak, to express yourself, what you’re going through at the time, and what you’re learning.

    If you really read what Julia says, and the words she uses to express herself…they are poetry in action!

  6. Hello. I was wondering what you were up to.. so that is why I am here. You are my hero. I read your book. I work for some cool folks ( if you are ever in the area come visit. These ancient mountains are amazing and they have captured me since I came to visit 15 years ago. Two years ago I started hooping and that was life changing too. I would like to give you a hoop if you do not have one.
    Peace and Love from another sensitive grrl…
    sending you out positive energy.

  7. dear Julia,

    has there been a death in yR life? — either a physical death, or the death of a relationship? — for in one of yR previous posts, it appears some shadow has passed over you….

    can i pray for you?

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