If Only Computers Were Paper Scraps

Hello Again! O.K. I know, I know, I am the absolute worst at posting blogs. I write all the time, the only problem is that when something is flowing through me, I grab whatever scrap of paper is around and write right then and there–otherwise, whatever is coming through me at the time flows on into the cosmos without record.

So, my challenge seems to be transferring my thoughts from scraps to keyboard. It’s not like it is all that difficult, but for some reason I have some wild block to it all.

Well, as it just so happens, right as I finish writing this blog and go to post it, as it turns out, I have timed out, and everything but the first three sentences are completely deleted. So here I go having to write it all over again and now it is two weeks longer since I went to post the first time. What a cosmic giggle if there ever was one! The technology gods are getting a BIG chuckle on me for sure! (Don’t worry, this time I am copying and saving it all just in case!)

O.K. on to what I was planning to post: my two mini tours this year seemed to be sourcing a lot of Jesus and God references. Not exactly what I was planning, but what was coming through nonetheless. While at Omega retreat center in NY, I was reading a book about Jesus but told through the perspective of Mary Magdelen. I could hear some of my Christian relatives in my head expressing their horror at the perceived blasphemy, but i found the book refreshing if a bit overdone and long. I found it refreshing because it allows for women to have a strong and rightful place at the conversation table around Christianity. As a woman, I have never felt truly represented in the Christian religion, nor many other religious traditions for that matter–including Buddhism which is also part of my life’s journey–because of how God and Enlightenment is always made manifest through the male form. Much of my life has been a spiritual journey and quest that allows for the Divine to be made manifest in ALL forms–male and FEMALE, human and other than human, plants, trees, mountains, rivers, oceans, sky, etc…

I understand that for some people, Christianity is a powerful force of goodness in their lives, and I have no desire to take that away from them. It is just that for me, the religion does not even come close to encompassing all that I feel and know about the Divine.

So, here is a poem that came through while I was at Omega.

“Jesus in a Berry”

Plump purple black berry

glistening with fresh-washed

summer rain


so ripe

it falls into my hand


Sweet and tangy

it bursts into a

kaleidescope of flavor

reminding me

that sometimes

Heaven is here on Earth

and the Garden of Eden

is not completely lost

and that if Jesus were

here today

his message would still be

to Love one another

live simply

trust in the Divine

Goodness and Godness of the Earth

that all of Creation

sings the Glory of God

only we have forgotten how to listen

And of course

we’d kill Jesus again

because the simple

yet profound message

is more relevant than ever

more challenging the ever

more important than ever

And there are those

who still do not want us to know

who still do not want us to remember

and so we’d kill him

just like we are killing

Creation in all of its

God and Goddessness Glory

with the impact

that less and less people

have the opportunity to taste

the Magic and Glory

of Creation

in a glistening berry

fresh washed by the warm summer rain.

julia butterfly hill July 2008

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