Celebrating Love

On Thursday, May 15, the California Supreme Court decided to overturn the ban on Gay Marriage. I am so happy with this latest ruling for all the loving couples who want to have equal and fair treatment under the law.

Personally, I believe that marriage is separate from religious or spiritual ceremony. Marriage as it currently operates is a contract recognized (or NOT as the case may be) by the government that affords certain rights, privileges, and responsibilities to couples. I feel that we must separate the legal contract from the religious and spiritual agreement. According to the United States Constitution, ALL citizens are afforded equal treatment under the law. This is a cornerstone of a true Democracy.

On the religious and spiritual level, every group has the right to honor and acknowledge what feels most sacred to them. My spiritual practice guides me to honor couples who are committed to living together in love and the commitment to supporting and upholding the best in one another. In my close circle of friends, family, and loved ones, most of the healthiest and longest relationships I have seen are actually the ones between my gay friends and chosen family.

They are also the ones who are adopting more children than the heterosexual couples that I know. They are extending their love to the children who are already here instead of carrying on with the overpopulation that is putting our entire planet and lives in peril. 

This is a wonderful day in American History. My prayer is that it will only continue, and that the religious groups who are anti-gay marriage will spend more time healing the dramatic divorce rates in their own communities instead of focusing on refusing rights to human beings who only want to love, honor, and cherish the partner of their heart’s choice.

Congratulations to all those I know and do not know whose lives are made better by this California Supreme Court decision. May all of us who care take action to ensure that this latest decision is a step on the continued journey to freedom and equality for all Americans.

Here’s to LOVE!




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I want to thank all of you who have sent messages–as well as those of you who are just reading and not responding. For those of you who have given me suggestions for the blog, I want you to know that I am working on an actual website http://www.juliabutterfly.com in which many of your suggestions will be incorporated.

Sometimes I wonder how much good jotting down thoughts and experiences really accomplishes. Sometimes I get really inspired, and other times, not so much. Every so often, I get comments from people, that let me know something I have written has made a difference for them. And I think that is why I find myself back at a keyboard again. Whenever my time comes for me to transition from this physical plane, I want to have experienced life to its fullest, and my prayer is that somehow, my life will have been a contribution. I question a lot–including myself. I wonder sometimes, what does it all matter? And then at the end of the day, I know that what matters most to me is integrity, love, joy, and service. I can’t help but want to serve–even if it is in small ways.

Part of my dream actually includes making lots of money–so I can give it away. If you have any solid ideas on ways I can generate green energy (my name for money) for good causes, please let me know. I love directing funds to the groups on the ground who are making such an incredible difference in their communities and in the world.

That’s my brief update for now.

More to come.

May sunshine remind you of the miracle of being alive on this tiny little island spinning in space.


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