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So, as I was saying before I so rudely interrupted myself back in the Exciting Europe entry, I had a fabulous trip that also included a visit to the Eden Project in Cornwall, England.  The Eden Project is literally a human experiment in what it means to recreate Eden on Earth. What would it look like? How can it be done–even in areas that have been completely devastated? These questions fueled a small group of people to take on creating a center that would help answer them.  And, thus the Eden Project was born.  You can go to to learn and see more.  It truly is a spectacular project. They took an old abandoned clay pit mine that was leaching into the watershed and turned it into a “Wonder of the World.”  They had to figure out how to stabilize the shifting sand, utilize the water constantly seeping into the pit (it is under sea level), create temperate and tropical Biomes, and more–all while finding ways to translate the experiment and experience to the general public in a way they can understand, be inspired by, and take action from.

I was truly inspired by the visit.  I, also, really respect that they highlight that their tropical Biome is the world’s largest tropical rainforest… “in captivity.” It moves me to see people so honestly acknowledging that the work we have to do to restore our relationship to this planet will require interactions that are not always as we might envision in an idealic, “perfect” world. We have to find ways to merge the best of ancient wisdom from our past with the new, emerging technologies of our present.  Hence, conscious evolution.

So that is a very brief synopsis of an all day adventure.  The people of Eden Project are so dedicated and wonderful.  Spending time with them, I felt their love, commitment and passion for what they do there. They, also, have a commitment to modeling sustainability.  And even though I saw that there was big room for improvement on these levels, I also,saw that they are open to and actively working on growing this aspect of who they are, and what they do.


Happy Spring!





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A Poem Because Someone Requested More Poetry

Life, Death, Life, Death


Life is so short. 

Life is precious.


I take a breath in.

I let a breath out.


All life is

Is breathing.


And then one day

We exhale…



 julia butterfly hill  June 2007

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