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_amr9042-vi.jpg  Hi There!  Welcome to my extremely amateur blog site.  I am working on developing ways to communicate with the world without having to be on hundreds of stages a year.  Let me know what kind of things you would find interesting, and I will see what I can do.

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  1. Hi Julia.. how about creating links to YouTube videos of talks that have already been recorded, or create some new ones as part of this blog? Peace 🙂

  2. Dear Julia, We have met a few times and you have always been an inspiration to me. I think your blog idea is a good one. I would like to hear about any people you know that are providing positive solutions, people making a difference, films that you would like to share… and most of all your continued writing, you are a gift to the world… so deep and aware…

    for the earth… Blair LeMire

    ( PS – I have a excellent video of you speaking at World Fest, circa 2000 in Woodley Park. Would you like me to send you a copy? )

  3. Beautiful Julia, I´m from buenos aires, argentina. One day, by chance, I found a documental on tv, it was about a girl living on the top of a beautiful ancient tree. I saw it without knowing anything about you, and since then I carry you and every tree in my heart. It was the begining of the change in the way I was living in the world. Because of luna and you, now I´m living with the world. You were a great inspiration. You are a great inspiration. Send you all my love and thanks, erica

  4. How about an ‘ecological tip of the month.’ For example, using a trash pail (with screen to keep bugs out) to catch rain-water for watering plants. Or, names of companies that sell recycled tissue paper and other such products, etc….

  5. hi julia,aproxamatly 10 years ago I saw a show on my solar powered tv about a woman who had been doing a tree sit in a giant redwood tree for two years without touching the ground. so I thought”I got to tape this”,global warming show I think it was. so I taped it and another show ,pov and bill mahr that you were on,on what became the “luna” tape.I was blown away by you and luna , but in a very different way than possibly every other person who saw those shows. there amazed because they cant imagine your love. your love of the earth. your love of “the forrest” your love of a special tree. they cant even imagine spending one night in a tree much less all of your experiences in those two years in luna. I on the other hand dont have to imagine it I have lived it! I know what its like to grow up in a forrest a particular forrest ,where I knrw and loved most of the trees personaly over many square miles for many years. I know what its like to love a particular tree and live in her branches for many years through all seasons through all kinds if severe weather with no heat,snow blowing through ect.ect. I lived for more than 8 years in a 3 ft dia. eastern red cedar tree in the hills near the ohio river, that looks just like the top one half to one third of luna. the same bark,same color,same scale like leaves, same branching habit and form. the same feeling to her.I know what its like to polish with bare feet every climbable branch of her.Iknow about those special comfortable branches that get more time sprnt in them. I know what its like to climb before dawn,head and shoulders above the very top to watch the sun rise over the fog in the valley. I know what its like to have the near death experience at night, for me it was lightning that blew apart a cedar tree right next to mine! never mind the wind. Iknow about the different moods of the wind, how sometimes it gently rises and falls and rocks you back and forth like most people would imagin it to be. but other times it will grab the tree firmly and swish it around in a circle and let it go. and other times it hits suddenly with a force like it was solid and holds you over to the side for a few seconds before it suddenly releases you and you snap back to where you started.I know what its like be sung to by the wind as it rocks you to sleep at night.I know what its like to call in all the neighborhood owls to hoot with me in my branches. I dont know what its like to have people cursing me,hating me,trying to starve me or threatening to cut me down,to arrest me. I do know what its like to have all or nearly all of the best forrest that I grew up in and loved personaly tree by tree destroyed all around me. I dont know what its like to not touch earth for two years. the longest I ever went was a little more than a week, but I didnt have a support crew! after a week in the tree the ground felt likr electricity to my bare feet. I can imagine what it was like for you after two years. I always felt that treetop life instead of being an earthly experience is more of a celestial experience and the longer you are up and the higher you are the more of a shock it is to return to earth. I dont know what its like to have all that press coverage but I have had quite afew of what I call tourists staring up at me and taking pictures a few times. I do know what its like to have visitors amazed and in tears I do know what its like to leave. I have lived in 3 other nests that I have built in 3 other trees for aprox 20 years total.the most recent one 45 ft up in a big old 3 ft. dia. chestnut oak in a small patch of old growth forrest on mountainside overlooking my aprox. 200 acres of mostley well forrested appalachian foothills land. obviously I am very happy and these trees will NEVER BE LOGGED. so here it is ten years or so later I saw the luna tape and that got me wondering what had happend to you since I last heard of you. since my dad bought the land next to mine I now have internet. so I googled you. I read some of your circle of life stuf and am amazed at how much we think-feel alike. I wonder if our time in trees has made us think alike or vice-versa , that we think alike so we both ended up in trees. here is a “think-alike” example from me to you .see if it rings true for you. as soon as I excaped instutional “education” at 15 and imediatly went to live full time in my tree I soon realized that with no tv no radio and no humans to talk to for 9 months a year. that I had to a large extent entertain myself with my internal dialoge . stupid so stuck in your head-homer simpson quality internal dialoge simply wasnt going to cut it. I had to re train my brain to think deep enough, far enough , well enough and humorusly enough aboutIMPORTANT things to stay continusly entertained. the celestial aspects I mentioned earlyer may play a part in taping into new or good or different ideas or ways of thinking ,I think. hence our similar ideas maybe. so to wrap this uo it seems to me that except for your dealings with humans your 2 years in luna is like an excelerated elevated concentrated and amplifyed version of my 20 or so years of tree life. so my hope for you is that after your great work is done and the world has forgoten about julia butterfly hill that you end up like me, deep in the woods on your own land,or whatever is better for you michael

  6. Julia;
    Thank you for all you have done!

  7. Julia,

    My name is Michelle Mrdeza and I just finished reading your book, ‘The Legacy of Luna’. My eyes are swollen from crying. I am so very humbled and inspired by your perseverance and unwavering faith. I only hope that in my lifetime, I can touch merely a tip of the iceberg that you have climbed so gracefully.

    I walked in Muir Woods yesterday and hugged about a dozen trees. Imagining what you might have felt and endured brought me to tears.

    I am so touched by your efforts and your wonderfully positive attitude. I find it hard to remain optimistic and I mostly have very little faith in this world. I am so sensitive and wear my heart on my sleeve, so often i am hurt and let down. I hope I can always be reminded of your struggles as well as your victories and pray that those things will keep me going.

    Thank you a million times over for sharing with me your story and allowing me to enter into that part of your self discovering journey. I am honored to have read your book and I am forever changed because of it.

    My undying support goes to you always.

    Much love and respect,

  8. Hi Julia,
    This is Cici your new next door neighbor (you must be away as I have an idea on how to make “green energy” and I could not find you at home). I too have been reading your book and you are an incredible young lady. Between all the talented people in our neighborhood, I think we can come up with a super idea. Please call me or stop over when you return.

  9. hi julia.. this is the only post you can comment on, so that’s why we’re back here…regarding green energy.. sign up if you haven’t already with a progressive booking agency like eviltwinbooking.com (who manage derrick jensen, the yes men, etc)… we all love to hear you speak and you inspire action through your word and you could be speaking across college campuses year round.. though, are you now too burnt out for that activity?

    since we all need to reduce consumption, it’s hard to figure out ways to survive in this world without becoming part of the destruction.. somehow, we must inspire more people out of this false economy and into a a life of simplicity and communion with nature.. and we will need to inspire a whole new generation of small scale organic farmers as we leave the petroleum age… how that happens, i’m not sure..

  10. Just sending my love…all the best to you Julia. A hundred stages will breathe into the next phase of luna. I remember the magic night the three of you told your story, the young woman in the tree, the man who chained himself to a rock to save a river, and an old man who travelled to india to find the spirit. an allegory of life, the poetry of experience. Find “tongues in trees, books in running brooks and good in everything…’

  11. I’m wondering if you could provide me with an email where I can send you something I wrote. 10 years ago when I was in college I learned of you and Luna. I was so inspired by your story that I began writing a series of poems that I would like to share with you. You introduced me to the majestic beauty of a Redwood Tree. Your story is etched into my heart. Thank you for that.

  12. Hey Julia,

    I love you. You’ve been a powerful inspiration in my life and I just want to say THANK YOU. Thank you for being the person that you are. Thank you for taking a stand when others wouldn’t. Thank you for mustering all of your might and courage to help protect Mother Earth. Thank you for going out into the world and speaking to those willing to listen. Thank you for leading by example and planting seeds of love and joy that are surely blossoming into positive changes and peaceful vibrations. You’ve changed the world. You continue to change the world. You’ve taken a stand and held your ground. You are, in the truest sense of the word, a hero. So thank you for being you.

    My name is Dave and most recently (over the past year or so), my spirit has blossomed into environmental activism to help protect and preserve the environment. Not too long ago (almost 2 months now), I started reading about you and learning about what you have done in depth. This has inspired me to get up (from here in New York City) and go off to Humboldt to help protect the trees; our ancient redwoods that are being slaughtered for profit as you have seen and experienced all too well.

    I graduated from college a few years ago (2005) and since, I’ve been involved with running a few internet startups / online publishing sites, as I still do. But what brings me joy more than anything else, is educating people on important matters about the environment — through discussions, events, campaigns — and taking action every day to change the world.

    I started a non-profit called Mind Petals (http://mindpetals.org) not too long ago to help organize and get more people involved.

    Well, I just wanted to reach out and connect with you, Julia. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, as I’ll always be open to hearing from you. My direct email is: david {at} mindpetals {dot} org. And if you ever need any advice about design / programming, let me know. I’d gladly help you out in any way that I can. I truly hope to meetup with you one day and help protect Mother Earth by your side.

    Peace and Love,
    Mind Petals Movement

  13. Thank you for trying something new! You have been an inspiration to so many people and I think that this is a beautiful way to continue to communicate your message to the world.

    I am adding a link to a free downloadable book that Georg Feuerstein and I wrote entitled Green Dharma.


    Please feel free to pass it along to others.

    Love and Light,

  14. Dear Julia,

    Did you live in Auburn, CA area back in 1995 or 1996? I believe you were renting a place with a unique set of animals (i.e., imu, rooster and hens, etc). If so, do you remember meeting an African-American oceanographer from Monterey, CA (internet, glasses, mustache)? Please drop me a line when you have the time. By the way, I am very proud of your environmental work and humanity.

    Take Care,

  15. Hi Julia,

    I hope this comment finds you well and in good spirits.

    Got your call last time you were in town, but lost your number with my last phone. It would be great to speak with you again and catch up.

    I’ve been writing quite a bit lately. Would love to share, and to see you again.

    Kurt (EBCRS)

  16. TPRF.org

  17. Hey Sweetie,
    I remember a time when I was posting your blogs and now I have somehow stumbled upon this site not knowing it even existed. How is that possible? Well just wanted you to know that I miss my bestest friend! When are you coming back to the Bay Area? I promise to make the time to see you when you return – or perhaps I can take a trip up north? We have so much to catch up on! Hope it’s okay leaving this post here…you seem to be in and out of cell/text coverage. Love, love, love you! Brie

  18. Hi Julia
    ho finito di leggere il tuo libro sulla tua storia e quella di Luna, sono rimasta impressionata da tanta caparbietà e tanto cuore; sei veramente eccezionale!
    italian girl Benedetta

  19. Hello Julia,
    Thank you for your beautiful service work and amazing life of generosity, strength and vital caring in action.
    I am a Qigong and Meditation teacher in Denver, Colorado, currently offering classes through Kaiser Permanente, Metropolitan State College, and retirement communities. I’m originally from the SF Bay Area, and know well the rich nature areas there.
    How may I help support your work? Best Wishes, Steven

  20. Hi Julia,
    I am 14, and have just heard about you for the first time, and you have such an amazing story, it inspired me so much! I couldn’t believe that you have done so much, and had the strength, to stay up in a tree for over two years!! I really want to follow in your footsteps! I know I’m just another fan, but if you were ever around Ontario, PLEASE contact me, my email is ycats57@hotmail.com, I would like to meet you so much!
    Thank you for inspiring me so much!

  21. Hi Stacy!

    Thanks for your sweet message!

    i am so very glad that my story is inspiring you to live your life for your care and commitment for our Beautiful Planetary Home and all the life it sustains.

    i am not sure when or if i will be coming to Ontario. You can feel free to check my online calendar every so often as that is where i post any public events i am doing, and if you see that i am coming through your area, feel free to reach out to me!!!

    Lots of Love and Blessings in You Life,


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